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Social website link shorteners are by no means a new phenomenon in the social network sphere. However, it wasn't until recently that brands fully grasped the need for customized link shorteners in the quest for more clicks and of course to tell their story.

Rather than use generic short links like the ones that Google and Bitly offer, think of a way you can customize your own to create short links that depict your brand and personality. Just confess, the short links offered by Bitly aren't that pretty, right?

As we took note of the numbers going up, something else is also emerging. A majority of these branded and customized links feature the latest top-level domain (abbreviated as TLD) extensions.

Why are people switching to TLDs? These factors, explained by Michael Brown, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, could help answer that.

  • They won't get mixed up in your website

When you use some domain to create customized link shorteners, it won't be used for any other purpose other than that. If you were planning to use the main URL as a link shortener, then you were in for a shock. Glad you now know.

There are many advantages of creating unique domains specifically for social media networks. For instance, it aids your analytic tool track the sort of traffic being brought in by social media activity and clicks. In addition to this, can you think of no better way of giving your social network its own distinct character, right?

  • They are relevant to your content

Customizable links are one of the many benefits of using new domain extensions. Of course, you can focus your creativity on the left side of the dot when creating a legacy TLD though that's restricted to some extent. If you are a media outlet then the .NEWS extension would be classic. Photographers can tinker a .PHOTO extension and so forth. Now unleash your creativity and figure out something cool.

  • Join the bandwagon

The big names in major industries are already using this tactic. Branded links are increasing brand awareness and building trust leading to better engagement and click-through rate. A perfect example would be Seattle News which utilizes st.NEWS. The same applies to StubHub ( and Chic-fil-A ( If the so called big guns are at it, why have you been left behind?

  • Branded short links often build trust

Think of this scenario, a user bumps into a short link with your brand.TV or brand.VIDEO link, what do they think? Tell me if they won't have confidence in what you have to offer. Clients will view you with a new light - you'll obviously be a pro in your niche. Somebody who knows what they are doing. The stats don't lie anyway - the CTR for Bitly was 34% over that of generic links. ReBrandly boasted of a 30% CTR rate.

Getting started

1.   Check your domains. Identify one which you can best be put to use.

2.   Identify the preferred link shortening website. It could be Bitly or ReBrandly or any service.

3.   Once the domain is fully integrated, you're good to go.